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Companies plan their cross-border flows of goods down to the smallest detail. This requires not only the selection of the right means of transport; it is also increasingly important to identify transport and logistics law risks and to structure contractual relationships accordingly.

Our team provides assistance to logistic companies based in Germany and abroad in connection with all transportation law matters. This applies in particular to freight transport by rail, road, air and multimodal transport chains. Our team has special know-how in all questions of rail, freight forwarding and air freight law. Here we represent well-known, globally operating companies and also take care of all permit law issues. This also includes administrative proceedings before the Federal Network Agency.

Moreover, we represent goods consignors in connection with problems with carriers engaged by them, for example with regard to loss of or damage to goods. For transportation insurers as well as for goods consignors we conduct contentious disputes before national and international courts and arbitration tribunals.

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ECJ: German truck toll too high - claim for reimbursement in time!

A ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) of 28 October 2020 has caught the attention of the entire freight forwarding industry: The German truck toll has been too high for years and freight forwarders can demand money back. We summarise what freight forwarders need to know about this and what to do in order to claim reimbursement if necessary.


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Transport & logistics law: The EU Mobility Package - What you should know

After three years of negotiations, the "Mobility Package I" was adopted on 8 July 2020. It contains numerous new regulations concerning road freight transport and is intended to harmonise the legal situation in this area within the EU. The innovations will enter into force at different times. Here we give you an overview of the most important changes.


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