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Mediation proceedings have established themselves as a solid alternative to court disputes. Mediation is a confidential and structured process where the parties strive for an amicable settlement of their dispute voluntarily and on their own responsibility with the assistance of a mediator. The mediator in this context is an independent, neutral party without decision-making authority, who leads the parties through the mediation process.

Mediation proceedings are significantly briefer than court proceedings and thus are usually (depending on the dispute value) significantly less expensive. Moreover, compared to court proceedings, mediation offers the great advantage that the parties are still able to look each other in the eye after successfully resolving their dispute. The proceedings and the outcome are in the parties’ own hands, and creative, financially-sensible solutions outside legal stipulations can be found. The success ratio for mediation proceedings is significantly above fifty percent.

With Dr. Michael Tigges, LL.M., M.M. (Master of Mediation), Friedwart A. BeckerMichael Niermann and Dr. Jan Hermeling, TIGGES has a four-person team of trained mediators who offer mediation proceedings and a mediation-based moderation of negotiations. Dr Michael Tigges has been admitted as a state-approved conciliation body since 2014.

Mediation proceedings can be a sensible option for you in these conflict areas:

  • shareholder and partner disputes
  • team conflicts, both at employee and also at management level
  • agreements between management and works council
  • disputes with business partners
  • in preparation for entrepreneurial decisions
  • deceased-estate disputes
  • M&A/deal mediation
  • conflicts in the framework of company succession


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Dr. Jan Hermeling
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Friedwart A. Becker
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Michael Niermann
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