Digitisation & artificial intelligence


Digitisation is heading a fundamental economic change which is being encountered today by all areas of business life and which will decisively transform all industrial sectors within the next several years in a lasting manner. At the core of this are AI tools, connectivity, Internet-based services and data-driven business models (industry 4.0), which lead to highly-flexible value-creation chains and new kinds of business models. It is precisely small and medium-sized companies, acting flexibly with flat hierarchies, which have the best prerequisites for developing their business models further through new technologies and forging new paths in order to secure their competitiveness.

This change requires numerous new solutions in various legal areas such as IT law and data protection law, IP law, corporate law, product liability and employment law. Tailored for our medium-sized clientele, we have put together a multi-disciplinary team which provides comprehensive information and advice regarding the relevant fields.

We can assist you in these areas:

  • IT law (u.a. Software Lizenzmodelle, Cloud Lösungen)
  • Legally compliant implementation of AI solutions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Data protection and data security
  • Data sovereignty
  • Liability issues, e.g. for M2M communication
  • Labour Law 4.0 / New Work (including agile structures, telework, employee data protection, use of AI, digitasation of co-determination)
  • Corporate law (M&A, participation models, venture capital, due diligence of digital business models)


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