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Continuing digitalisation is characterised by a multitude of new technologies which are based on data and its innovative usage by means of intelligent software. These solutions are the decisive drivers of innovation, such as artificial intelligence, which is being introduced into all branches of industry. This is also particularly the case for the area of mobility, which will be completely electric, networked and autonomous in the near future.

The legal issues associated with this development are also diverse and interdisciplinary. Here, new national and EU legal frameworks must be implemented in a safe and at the same time practice-oriented manner. This pertains to questions of the copyright-law attribution of new developments, the protection of intellectual property, the drafting of confidentiality and cooperation agreements, as well as the clarification of liability and warranty issues.

In this area of conflict, we assist both established companies that are innovatively developing their business models, as well as technology-based start-ups and young companies from all relevant sectors, such as telecommunications, energy, passenger and goods transport and biotechnology, and help them to position themselves successfully in the market.  

We can assist you in these areas:

  • software law
  • transport law
  • intellectual property rights, particularly patent law
  • copyright
  • data protection law
  • right of personality
  • licence law
  • protection of secrets
  • research & development, cooperation contracts
  • NDA/confidentiality agreements
  • antitrust law
  • administrative and regulatory law


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TIGGES advises RailWatch on the investment of Agartha Fund LP from Abu Dhabi

The Bonn-based company RailWatch GmbH, a provider of innovative rail vehicle monitoring concepts based on camera and sensor technology, has strengthened its position with a new shareholder, Agartha Fund LP from Abu Dhabi, through a capital increase of EUR 3.5 million.


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Transport & logistics law: The EU Mobility Package - What you should know

After three years of negotiations, the "Mobility Package I" was adopted on 8 July 2020. It contains numerous new regulations concerning road freight transport and is intended to harmonise the legal situation in this area within the EU. The innovations will enter into force at different times. Here we give you an overview of the most important changes.


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