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We offer our nationally and internationally active clients the entire spectrum of corporate law advice. We advise upon the founding of companies, upon the choice of the right legal form, the conception and legal drafting of articles of association and memorandums of association, as well as upon the drafting of contracts with executive bodies and board members.

Assistance with acquisitions, sales, investments and other transactions has also always been part of our law firm's core business. Our clients particularly value our expertise for cross-border activities and projects. Here we have many years of experience, a tailorable team and a worldwide network. At the same time, we offer our predominantly medium-sized clients the usual personal attention and central coordination of all activities. Tax aspects are always taken into account through deployment of our strong tax-law expertise.

We can assist you in these areas:

  • acquisitions, sales of companies, joint ventures and investments
  • advice and assistance of founders, start-ups as well as private equity and venture capital investors
  • corporate-law transformations
  • capital market law issues
  • agreements with executive bodies and board members
  • preparation and holding of shareholder and general meetings and AGMs
  • advice and representation in connection with shareholder disputes, including in mediation proceedings
  • tax law advice and structuring

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