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Data protection has becoming increasingly important in recent years. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national regulations such as the German Federal Data Protection Act compels all companies to accord this subject area a high priority. At the same time, processing, managing and evaluating data is also experiencing a significance change as a result of increased digitalisation, which requires robust, legally-certain solutions.

Our team advises companies regarding both national and cross-border data protection-law issues. As a result of our experience rendering advice to companies of various sizes in different industries, we have a keen sense of the critical issues and the legally-certain, but simultaneously pragmatic implementation of data protection in everyday business – as much as necessary, as little as possible. Dealing with data protection-law relevant internal processes in a structured manner does not serve only to create legal certainty. Rather, at the same time we develop improvement suggestions together with you for a more efficient handling of data. Make a virtue of necessity.

The associated consulting firm TIGGES DCO, which focuses on integrated advice in the areas of data protection, compliance and organisation, has completed our service portfolio since 2018. Therefore, with a multidisciplinary team of attorneys who specialise in data protection as well as trained data protection officers and specialists, we are able to put together an attractive advice package for our clients for holistic data protection-law and data protection-organisational assistance.

We can assist you in these areas:

  • data protection audits, data protection concepts, company rules and principles
  • training sessions for data protection officers and for employees
  • data protection-consequence estimates
  • worldwide intra-group data processing (e.g. binding corporate rules and EU standard-form clauses or previous also "Safe Harbor")
  • representation in dealings with supervisory authorities, particularly advice on data protection breaches and accompanying official proceedings as well as on local audits and investigations
  • advice in connection with data security failures and the creation of security policies
  • data protection-law contract configuration, inter alia in connection with the implementation of new business models and digitalisation projects
  • creation of data processing agreements and joint controller agreements
  • developing new products/services for privacy by design and privacy by default
  • outsourcing projects
  • data protection-law issues connected with transactions (e.g. in the framework of due diligence)
  • employee data protection, employer-works council agreements
  • appointing an external data protection officer
  • representing interests in dealings with data protection authorities and legislative bodies


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