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Labour Law

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Michael Niermann | niermann(at)tigges.legal| 0211 8687-124

Daniel Lüdemann, LL.M.| luedemann(at)tigges.legal | 0211 8687-221

Dr. Georg Jaster| jaster(at)tigges.legal | 0211 8687-145

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Intensifying competition demands continuous reorientation of business structures and work models. In order to be successful, forward-looking working conditions must be created. We assist with this change for our clients in all areas of employment law too.

Our clients particularly include medium-sized companies, boards of directors, managing directors and executives as well as employees. We support these in the configuration of contract relationships, incorporating the special features of the company and the person involved. In addition, we render advice concerning termination solutions such as drafting cancellation or development agreements. Taking social-law and tax-law aspects into consideration is self-evident for us. If a judicial dispute cannot be prevented, our clients can rely on our extensive litigation experience up to and including the German Federal Employment Court.

We assist our numerous globally-positioned clients in their internationalisation and give advice for example regarding issues of cross-border worker deployment, such as secondment, or regarding the execution of international service contracts and contracts for work and labour.

In the collective bargaining law area, we provide support by advising on and drafting employer/works council agreements and other collective bargaining-law agreements with works councils as well as on their enforcement in court and with mediation bodies. We are pleased to also assist our clients with seminars and workshops regarding these and all other employment-law subjects.