Cancellation of fairs and events due to COVID-19 - What you can do as an exhibitor


The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the complex trade fair planning and preparation of numerous companies upside down. In addition to the plan changes that are now necessary, many companies are faced with the question of how to deal with the financial consequences. After all, in many cases considerable amounts of money have already been paid to organizers and stand builders in advance. This is now not matched by any consideration. As agreements on trade fairs are usually of a fixed business nature, the expiry of the time window set makes them impossible. Reclaims for payments made therefore generally have a chance of success.

The following questions are relevant

  • What contracts has the exhibitor concluded in connection with a cancelled trade fair?
  • Is force majeure present?
  • Is there a "postponement" or cancellation and what kind of postponement is acceptable?

It is now important for affected companies to quickly deal with the contractual regulations in order to claim back any payments made. Please note that claims against trade fair organisers are often subject to a short limitation period. Should the company be entitled to claims, it would alternatively be possible to reach an agreement with the respective contractual partner on the crediting of paid amounts for future trade fairs.

We would be pleased to review your contracts with trade fair organisers, stand constructors and other business partners associated with the trade fair and provide you with information on your claims. Please feel free to call us for a free initial assessment or send us an e-mail.

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