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Assets of individuals and corporations

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Dr. Guido Holler| holler(at)tigges.legal | 0211 8687-155

Georg Schmidt| schmidt(at)tigges.legal | 0211 8687-175

Friedwart A. Becker | becker(at)tigges.legal | 0211 8687-117

Since 1945, private and corporate assets have been saved in Germany in an amount that far exceeds the accumulation of assets by earlier generations. This fact firstly makes the structuring and securing of these assets ever more important. Secondly, the foresighted thought-out asset transfer to the next generation is increasingly gaining in importance, be it inter vivos or due to a death. Last but not least, such asset transfers for tax reasons are planned over years in order to keep the inheritance tax and gift tax low.

At all times, the law firm TIGGES Rechtsanwälte has accordingly dealt both with issues of asset and company succession and also with capital investment law. In particular, we specialise in all cases of asset succession and the configuration of testamentary dispositions. This also applies for the company succession of medium-sized (family) companies and the associated co-ordination of the succession in business assets and private assets. Furthermore, we are experienced partners in designing and maintaining of foundations.

In case of probate disputes between legal heirs and persons entitled to a compulsory portion, we assist our clients with in- and out-of-court settlements.

Areas of Specialisation

  • Legal advice for private persons in succession planning regarding all aspects of tax and civil law
  • Legal advice for entrepreneurs in planning and realisation of company successions
  • Drawing up of testaments and assignment contracts
  • Representation of legal heirs and persons entitled to a compulsory portion in probate disputes