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Transportation & Logistics

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Klaus-Peter Langenkamp| langenkamp(at)tigges.legal | 0211 8687-223

Cross-border transportation not only requires the choice of the right carrier, but rather also internationally-oriented and competent legal advice. Thus it is of growing importance to disclose all risks of transport and logistics law and adapt all contract relations accordingly.

TIGGES Rechtsanwälte provides assistance to shippers domiciled in Germany and abroad in connection with all transportation-law matters. This pertains to transport companies which organise and/or carry out transportation by road, rail or air as well as multimodal transport chains. Our team is especially experienced in all aspects railroad and air cargo transportation law. In this field we represent renowned international companies and also take care of all permit-law issues.

Moreover, we represent goods consignors in connection with problems with carriers engaged by them, for example with regard to loss of or damage to goods. For transportation insurers as well as for goods consignors we conduct contentious disputes before national and international courts and arbitration tribunals.

We routinely deal with hazardous goods-law questions as well as with the transportation-contiguous areas of customs law, customs handling and warehousing.