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Transport carrier rails play an important role for mobility and the logistics of the future. Many companies are searching for ways of integrating rails more extensively into their logistics concepts than previously. Transport carrier rails are also gaining importance in passenger transport.

Our rail competence team assists renowned companies which operate worldwide, and advises them on all relevant legal issues such as contract configuration, financing, compensation, litigation, transport, and personnel secondment. Railway-specific tasks arising from the areas of contract-awarding, regulation and supervision are efficiently solved at the highest professional level.

The members of our team have specialised, cross-disciplinary legal expertise, paired with a sound understanding of carrier transport rails and their technical basis. Team leader Klaus-Peter Langenkamp – special counsel for transport and freight-forwarding law – has been familiar with the sector for two decades and actively assists with the privatisation of carrier transport rails both in Germany and also in Europe. The team delivers competent concepts and advice strategies which are the focal point of our clients' financial success.

Our areas of activity

  • contract configuration
  • compensation
  • personnel secondment
  • financing
  • regulation and contract-awarding
  • permits
  • litigation


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