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General Terms & Conditions (GTC) are ubiquitous in business life. Executing contracts e.g. in high-volume business without GTC is scarcely conceivable. GTC help to standardise and to accelerate business processes, to optimise processes and to reduce liability risks.

Our spectrum of services in GTC law encompasses:

  • individual and needs-oriented configuration of general sales terms, supply conditions, purchasing conditions, confidentiality agreements and other systems of clauses
  • advice on the effective inclusion and use of GTC
  • checking, optimising and revising our clients' existing GTC
  • checking competitors' GTC as well as conducting attacks on any unlawful GTC of competitors
  • defence against unjustified accusations of using invalid GTC, particularly defence against warnings and lawsuits from associations and competitors pursuant to the UKlaG and the UWG
  • advice in the framework of disputes concerning the applicability of GTC in the event of contradictory systems of clauses, and conducting any necessary legal disputes in this respect.

Composing and reviewing GTC as conducting any disputes in this respect requires meticulousness and an eye for the essential. Due to our longstanding practical activity in this area, particularly in the industries of telecommunications, energy and logistics, which have many special features, as well as designing online shops, we have the necessary experience to prepare, defend and enforce the GTC which are suitable for your company.