Cezary Nowakowski


(in advisory capacity)

ul. Karolkowa 30
01-207 Warszawa
Telefon +48 22 43000-60
Telefax +48 22 43000-61

Area of Specialisation

Cezary Nowakowski is senior partner of the law firm Nowakowski i Wspólnicy, for ten years a close cooperation partner for TIGGES Rechtsanwälte. He is one of the leading experts of Polish transport and logistics law, particularly in rail traffic law. Further focal points are strategic contracts for companies (e. g. joint ventures), competition law and cartel law.

What's more, he works as a consultant for stock and share purchase of Polish companies by foreign legal entities, founding of companies by foreigners in Poland and purchase of real estate. Other activities encompass the coordination of restructuring processes of holding groups as well as of public and private companies. At privatisation transactions Cezary Nowakowski is an experienced co-negotiator who also has great experience in labour law, the execution of group dismissals, trade disputes and cooperation with trade unions.

Other Fields of Activity

Furthermore, he works as a counsel in cases before the general civil courts and as author and negotiator for drafting of licensing agreements in the field of intellectual property rights. He also is consultant of creditors and debtors in composition proceedings and insolvency proceedings.


Cezary Nowakowski graduated at the law and administration faculty of Mikolaj Kopernikus University in Thorn in 1989 and has been working as a lawyer since 1994. He is a member of the Board of District Attorneys in Plock.


Polish (native language), German